Optional Lawn Services


Nitro Green provides and will periodically recommend beneficial services, which are vital to the overall health of your lawn. These services are practices that promote the health and vigor of your lawn, or in certain situations may be an essential remedy for a lawn pest problem.

Note: These are not a standard component of a program since these individual services may not be required every year on every lawn. 


Core Aeration is an extremely important beneficial service for your lawn. This process

creates channels in the lawn that allows for water, nutrients, and air to enter the soil

for healthy plant growth. Pulling the cores and allowing the soil columns to breakup

on the lawn surface serves another value. Those soil columns contain the

microorganisms that will feed upon and help reduce the thatch layer. Turfgrass

is a perennial plant community. This is the only cultural practice we have to cultivate

the soil while not damaging the perennial turfgrass system.


Grub Control is required during certain years in selected geographical areas. The larvae life cycle stage of several insects we see as adult beetles above ground ravages the turfgrass root system. 

Fire Ant Control baits and contact insecticides are applied to fire ant mounds in your lawn and natural areas to eliminate these dangerous pests.

Perimeter Pest Control around the property line to discourage the migration of nuisance and biting insects onto the lawn and plant materials. Repeated applications are required for season long control.

Flea and Tick Control lawn and ornamental plant materials are treated to control the existing fleas and ticks harbored in the treated areas. Repeated applications are required for season long control.