Lawn Care Program


The Nitro Green Lawn Care Programs are continuous year after year consisting of 6 to 8 incremental applications per year (depending on turf type) providing:


Seasonal Fertilization to improve your lawns health and vigor. Our fertilizer blends are designed specifically to meet the needs your turf. The amount and type of fertilizer is customized for

the turfgrass type and specific environmental conditions.

Broadleaf Weed Control is applied in a broadcast treatment or

target (spot) application. The treatment type and application

timing depends on the specific weeds growing and the best

seasonal opportunity to control challenging broadleaf weeds.

Crabgrass and certain other annual grasses are controlled as

they germinate and develop into weed seedlings in the springtime.

We use soil temperature measurements and other methods to

assure the proper timing of this application.

Insect Control for surface and sub-surface turf-damaging insects

that consume and feed on grass roots and blades. Different types of grasses are susceptible to damage by different kinds of insects. Control for those insects are applied selectively or preventatively prior to or when that insect population reaches the turf-damaging levels.


Disease Control may be required when exacting weather conditions prevail that are particular to the development and damage by a turf infesting fungi. The type of fungi that causes a particular turfgrass disease will determine the severity of the plant damage. A treatment may be applied to protect the uninfected turfgrass plants from the disease for a specified period.

Applications are performed every six weeks, eight times a year, providing all the fertilizer, weed control, insecticide and fungicide products your lawn will need to become healthy and beautiful for your family to enjoy all year long.