About Us

I had dandelion yards all around me.  My yard didn't have any!  The lawn looked fantastic.  Thanks!

Nitro Green has been providing quality lawn care service to satisfied customers for over twenty years.  A cornerstone for our success is growing our business through customer referrals driven by outstanding service.  We analyze the needs of each lawn we service and we will not recommend services that do not enhance the appearance and quality of the lawn.  We are committed to providing the best "value" in the lawn care industry today and we strive to do that through the products we apply and the service we provide.

In addition to fertilization and weed control for residential and commercial lawns, Nitro Green provides services which include: tree and shrub care, perimeter pest control and core aeration.  Nitro Green recognizes its responsibility to the environment by applying phosphorous-free fertilizer while monitoring soil and weather conditions to prevent run-off and over spray.

Nitro Green’s goal is to establish long-term customer relationships by providing quality and dependable lawn care service with guaranteed results.  Nitro Green technicians are trained and certified to apply the proper materials, at the proper rates, in response to the changing conditions of your lawn.


The customer’s complete satisfaction is not just a goal, but a guarantee!

Slyvia G.  - Gardendale, AL